Hommes 1

Doheem Immo
1 DE CASTRO OlivierLibero1,83 m
3 NAZARI HabidOutside-spiker1,92 m
4 SIMIC ZoranSetter1,97 m
6 SCHMITT PeterOutside-spiker1,90 m
7 MILOSEVIC BorisOutside-spiker1,90 m
8 LENTZ RalfMiddle-blocker1,97 m
9 DOBRE SebastianSetter1,85 m
10 STUTZ Juan PabloOutside-spiker1,91 m
11 LAEVAERT TimOutside-spiker1,92 m
12 KUCHAR PetrMiddle-blocker2,00 m
14 MILANOV LyubomirOpposite2,10 m
15 GAJIN MatejaOpposite1,97 m
16 RAIBIKIS DeividasOutside-spiker1,88 m
17 FOUYER ErwanOutside-spiker1,87 m
QUELL UlfHead Coach

Prochain match


Lundi20:00-22:00Hall provisoireUlf
Mardi19:30-22:00Hall provisoireUlf
Mercredi20:00-22:00Hall provisoireUlf
Jeudi19:30-22:00Hall provisoireUlf
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